Cannot connect to server all the time!

Hi all,

server: 5.4.0
ios client: 1.13

I keep getting "cant connect to server " and right afterwards “connected” multiple times.

It is happening right after opening the app or swapping between apps.

It probably needs some polishing.


Hi @RbDev, I’m seeing this same issue, so I’ll need to confirm with devs if this is something that I can open a ticket for to have it fixed, or if it’s simple a connection issue.

Hi @RbDev, there are some troubleshooting tips here for this issue:

I don’t think this link can help.

I havent installed NGINX on my private server to reduce sync and connection issues.

Hi @RbDev,

We have also seen this issue internally so we’ve opened a ticket for this (it will provide improvements for this issue although it is not immediately clear from the ticket title):