Cannot reach to Mattermost server (self-hosted on Vultr) from China IP address

All web app, desktop and mobile apps cannot connect to our Mattermost server without VPN connection from China.

Steps to reproduce
mattermost 4.6.2

Expected behavior
We cannot connect to our Mattermost server from neither desktop, web, mobile app from Chinese IP address. All works properly when we use VPN IP address.

Observed behavior

Hello @jupiter

I would think that it could be a regional issue due to network control that China implements. Can you please confirm if you are able to access from your end with and without the VPN?

Did you check with your network administrator if there is any firewall that’s blocking the connection from China as well?

If your Mattermost server is publicly hosted, send me the URL through a direct message so I can test it on my end too.

Hi @ahmaddanial Thanks for the reply.
I cannot access to the without VPN.
Should we host the Mattermost server in Chinese hosting in mainland?
Or is there any workaround solution?

The Chinese Great Firewall Internet Censorship program is extensive and covers an extraordinary amount of material. While I have been able through various means (I am a cybersecurity expert) to verify that, at least from my outsider’s view, the given URL is not blocked, it is still most certainly possible.

I encourage you to read further about this here which is an archived copy of a Wikipedia page explaining exactly what all it is. Particularly I would recommend the section about blocking methods, as this may be able to provide you with some insight on what you are going to need to take countermeasures against. I hope that this information helps!

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