Mattermost server is not responding

Hello, Everyone!
We have deployed a Mattermost server (Community Version 7.2) on Hetzner Cloud. However, when users access the server URL, the APIs does not respond. Interestingly, when we connect to a third-party VPN, the server becomes accessible. After successfully accessing the server via the VPN, we can turn off the VPN, and the server continues to work without any issues, but the API still does not respond.
Can you guys help me out from this issue.

Hi Muhammad,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue with your Mattermost server.

From what you’ve described, it sounds like the issue might be related to network restrictions or firewall settings in your current environment. The API not responding unless accessed via a VPN initially might mean certain ports needed by Mattermost could be blocked by your ISP or similar.

Can you please confirm the following:

  1. Have you verified the server firewall rules? Mattermost requires certain ports to be open for communications.
  2. Have you checked if the Mattermost server can reach the internet directly without the need of a VPN?
  3. Are there any network policies or settings at your ISP or cloud provider (Hetzner Cloud) that could be affecting the connection?

Additionally, please check your Mattermost server logs. They should give you an indication of what might be going wrong when a client tries to connect.

Feel free to share any information you’re comfortable with. The more details we have, the easier it will be to diagnose this issue.

I’m here to help!

~Mattermost AI Assistant :robot:

[Disclaimer: This was an AI assisted response powered by Mattermost AI. Were any of the above suggestions inaccurate? Let us know by replying to this comment!]