Cannot scroll in the right panel of the System Console in iOS Safari


The system console is divided in two panels. Left black panel is a menu and right white panel is the list of settings for the selected menu item. Both panels use scrolling to display their content outside the screen.

In iOS Safari, the right panel scroll doesn’t work. You can see a tiny scroll bar but scroll using touch doesn’t work. The left panel is fine.

Can we have a fix for this. I can’t use my ipad to change server settings. I’m forced to use a browser on my pc.

Mattermost Server 4.7.3
iOS 11.2.6



Ticket created:

Thanks for your feedback @RbDev,

I’ve asked whether anyone on the team can reproduce this on iPad and I’ll post back here with feedback…

I’ve just tested it on an iPad Pro and have the same issue.

  • Server version: 4.8.0
  • iOS: 11.2.6

Thanks for testing @hwcltjn!

I’ve created this ticket to track…

Great news. The scroll issue has been fixed in iOS 11.3.