Console Admin Header and Toolbar Issue

MM console admin (v5.0.0) contains a header with the screen title and a footer with a Save button. MM browser in Safari they are bugy.

It looks like it is a render issue.


Hi @RbDev! I assume this is on v5.0? Can you also help review this page and send me any other relevant information that would help diagnose the issue.

Hi Amy,

Sorry. I don’t use systemd to run mattermost. I use scripts and it’s my live environment. I can’t make long changes.

I used to have 2 but one was phased out recently.

Hi @RbDev - do you see any errors in Developer Tools > Console? Are all the other System Console pages working fine? Any logs/errors that you are able to share are helpful.

Hi Amy,

All pages in the console have the same issue. It is very dificult to find settings since they could be under the header and footer and it is quite dificult to press “Save”.

There are no log errors.

@RbDev Can you help confirm if this an issue in this specific device (iPad) or are you seeing the issue on other devices / browsers as well (if you use other devices / browsers for Mattermost)?