Upgrade to 5.13.2 from 5.13 - No system console!

Hello Guys,

I just upgraded from mattermost 5.13.0 to 5.13.2 using the following upgrade instructions:


On step #13 it says:

1. Open the System Console and change a setting, then revert it. This should enable the Save button for that page.

That’s when I noticed there’s no more a system console option in the menu anymore. I’ve searched around the web for hours without any fruitful answer. I even downgraded to 5.13 using the guide but still no System console.

I’m really frustrated, could somebody please help me out here?

Thank you

Hey @agnosticon,
my first guess would be a permission issue.
Could you try running bin/mattermost roles system_admin username on your server (replace username with the admins username of course) and check if the system console still does not show up?