iOS Header Mixup

Hi all,

ios 1.13
server 5.3

Client header is not respecting ios header and they are getting mixed up.

Change mobile orientation fixes the issue.

Restart the app also fixes it.

I dont know what causes it. I will keep an eye on it.



Thanks @RbDev! I haven’t seen this yet but we’ll keep an eye on it. If you see this in a specific situation (e.g. when logging in, etc.), that will help narrow down the case.

I can replicate now. its happening after watching youtube videos in mattermost.

How to replicate:
send a youtube link, click to watch, wait for the toolbars to slide out the screen, swap to another app, swap back to MM then close the video and the bug will happen.

Please investigate further.


Version 1.14 and the header is still having issues.


I guess it is more a iOS 12 issue. I have the same with safari in horizontal view.