MM iOS youtube crash

Hi all,

using iOS 1.13 , when offline, click on a youtube link, the player will slide up, for a sec a dialogbox will display and MM will crash right afterwards.

Please have a look.


Hi @RbDev,

Is the error you’re seeing “Youtube playback error”, or can you help describe the error you’re seeing?

Sorry Amy but it crashes straight away.

I will try to screenshot.

Its way to quick. But yes it is the payback error.

@RbDev Giving you a quick update that I’m working on researching more information on this because this might not be a Mattermost issue. I’ll ask developers about this as well.

Hi @RbDev,

Our developers said that this is a library issue - would you be able to help report this for React Native here:

Let me know any questions.

Also, just wanted to mention that I’m not able to test this other issue currently since youtube isn’t working for me either: iOS Header Mixup.