Cannot Uninstall Fully on Windows 10

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Uninstalling Mattermost Desktop App in Windows 10 does not work.

Steps to reproduce

Go to “Apps and Features” in Windows settings.
Locate Mattermost in the list of applications.
Click “uninstall”
Authorize the application to make changes
approve the uninstallation (depends on version of client)

Expected behavior

Application is removed and no longer shows up in the list

Observed behavior

The application remains in the list

  • For version 3.6 it appears to partially uninstall as a shortcut to it no longer functions properly
  • For version 4.3.1 it appears to do absolutely nothing

@harky Which of the Windows download links did you install?

I had an old copy of the client (version 3.6) installed and began having issues connecting to one of the two servers that I have accounts on. When I realized how far behind my version was, I installed the newest release (link below). It appeared to be working at first but then I began having issues connecting to the other mattermost server. When I saw that the old client was still installed, I figured it would be best to uninstall both and start with a “clean” install. However, as noted, I haven’t been able to uninstall either of them (I’m happy to do the uninstall manually but would like a reference of all of the locations that need files deleted / associated registry keys).

The new client was obtained from here: