How can i remove mattermost in my notebook?

Hi all,

Some days ago i installed mattermost from the official page, but there is not property inside the system (check the image attached). I would like to remove the app mattermost but i don’t know how. i did not use snap, and i guess it is a bad decision just remove the files from the folder associated. There is not mentioned in the configuration system in ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Hi ryse-amp and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

What installation option did you choose? Did you use the tar.gz file from Download Mattermost Mobile and Desktop Apps Here | Mattermost or did you follow any of the installation instructions on this page?

I don’t remember exactly. i guess, i take the tar.gz file from the page and follow the setup from the executable. it’s weird cos i don’t see any app in the configuration for ubuntu 20.04 LTS and there is not icon in the general viewer on my SO.

perhaps, i’m missing some command to recongnize if the Mattermost is installed on my coputer. or not?. However, recently the app mattermost is appear automatically when i stared my pc, but when i disabled that option i don’t know where is it.

Do you have any hint?
pd: Sorry my English is not so good yet.

When you download the .tar.gz, there’s nothing to install. It’s just a folder with the binaries and libraries which can be directly run from there:

bofh@host:~/mattermost-desktop-5.1.1-linux-x64$ ls
chrome_100_percent.pak    resources
chrome_200_percent.pak          resources.pak
chrome_crashpad_handler  LICENSE.electron.txt    snapshot_blob.bin
chrome-sandbox           LICENSES.chromium.html  swiftshader   LICENSE.txt             v8_context_snapshot.bin
icudtl.dat               locales                 vk_swiftshader_icd.json                mattermost-desktop             NOTICE.txt

When you used this approach, there’s no uninstall option because the package was not installed. To clean this up, just remove the folder you extracted.

You can run the following command to find out if the mattermost-desktop application has been installed using your distribution’s package management:

dpkg -l | grep mattermost

If this returns a line with the mattermost-desktop application and the version number, you can remove it by running:

apt purge mattermost-desktop