No Silent Uninstall Command Line Switch for "Uninstall Mattermost.exe" Version 4.3.1


Can’t find silent uninstall command line switch for “Uninstall Mattermost.exe” version 4.3.1

Observed behavior

I’m attempting to automate the installation of Mattermost for computers on our network. I’m going to use mattermost-desktop-v4.3.1-x64.msi to silently install Mattermost on each machine. The trouble is that leading up to this, some users have manually installed using mattermost-desktop-setup-4.3.1-win.exe.

When running the msi installer on machines that ran the exe installer manually, there are 2 separate Mattermost installations. One on the user’s local AppData folder (from the exe), and a second in Program Files (from the msi).

The exe installer creates an uninstaller called “Uninstall Mattermost.exe”. I can’t find a way to run this uninstaller silently (Requiring no input from the user). The goal is to create a package in PDQ Deploy to automatically install and configure Mattermost using the msi, then uninstall the version installed by the exe (if present).

%userprofile%\AppData\local\Programs\mattermost-desktop\Uninstall Mattermost.exe /currentuser /S

But the exe needs to be closed.