Silent install command line parameter for .msi file

Hello. We’re trying to get the newest Mattermost for Windows 4.4.0 to install via MDT with the .msi file; I can’t seem to find an example around these parts just listing the command line instruction for the.msi file. ?

thanks so much!

Hello, @barin

Instead of using the command line for silent installation of MSI, may I know if you have checked on the following articles?

Is there any specific reason to the usage of command line? Maybe you can check on How to deploy applications with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit methods too?

Hello, thx for your suggestions. Indeed, those include every option except the one we need. ; ) Can’t deploy with group policy, have to use MDT. You can see in the MDT instructions you refer to, they mention the command line instruction there, for Acrobat, for example (see below). There must be some syntax for the .msi to do a silent install. Often you can find similar info around the internet from people who have done it before, but in the case of Mattermost, I have found nothing so far.

Hello, @barin

Got it. I will check with the desktop team to see if there is any way to achieve this.

This work just fine with 4.4.0 msi:

msiexec /i “mattermost-desktop-4.4.0-x64.msi” /q

then use GPO or Reg add to set default site and team


Hi, @dodolo

Thank you for the suggestion. :+1: