How to install using MatterMost windows .exe installer

I have installed Mattermost 4.4.0 version using the windows exe installer on my Win10 machine. I have a few questions:

  1. How to install it silently? What is the silent installation parameters that i can use? Is it /quiet or /silent

  2. After I have successfully installed, when i launch the app, it prompts below window. Where can i automatically set the Server Name and Server URL during installation? Is it in the registry?


Welcome, @jmazlan! We now offer a Desktop MSI Installer, which supports group policies for configuring things like the default server list. I believe it also facilitates silent installation through the usual Windows distribution model.

Check out the documentation at and let us know if that works for you!

Hi Jesse
Thanks for the reply
However i see that the Desktop MSI installer is a beta version.
Is there any stable and complete MSI installer?

No it is still beta. There are a few problems that need to be addressed.

The GPO is also working with the exe installer.
How do you deploy other software?

Hello, @jmazlan

On top of the suggestions by @jesse and @JtheBAB, do check on the Windows App: Pre-Configuration and Silent Deployment documentation that suggest batch deployment as another method that might fit your requirement.

I am using powershell script to execute the .exe installer and deploy the software via SCCM deployment tool.

In addition, i see that under %APPDATA%\Mattermost, there is already a config.json file that is being created once the software is installed.
Would it be sufficient if I just edit the file and insert the information that i would want to edit after the software has successfully installed?