Install on PC? Is there no PC install? ty

Hi sorry for the dumb question, I’m 14 and a friend told me to install mattermost on my PC so we can chat.

I looked it up and the only install guides they have seem to be for different versions of linux, which I have no experience in

Is there no PC install? ty

No installations for PC - Linux only sorry.

Hello, @miyabhai101

May I know if you are actually looking at the installation of Mattermost Server or rather the desktop / web app itself?

If you are looking at Mattermost Server, only Linux / Kubernetes Bitnami / Docker deployments are available as mentioned in Installing Mattermost documentation. No specific Windows installation guide available.

If you are referring to the installation of the desktop app, please refer to the Desktop Application Install Guides instead which includes a Windows guide for 7, 8, 10.

Download client app:

i dont think its available for pc installation

i’m unable to install in on pc, can someone share tutorial for the same.. .