Required Windows Latest Version mattermost server

Hi Team,

I’m currently using Mattermost 5.5.1 windows server. Can someone provide the latest mattermost server version supported on windows along with link to download that.


Our latest release is v5.36.1 Version Archive — Mattermost 5.36 documentation.

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Hi Amy,

Thanks for the Quick Response. The link you have provided shows only the files related to Linux servers, but i need the file which can be run on Windows server.

From what I understand, you’re looking to run the Mattermost server on a windows server, which is not officially supported. However, I have developed a method of installing and using any version of the Mattermost server (Including the latest version, of course) in a Windows environment. Is my understanding of what you’re asking correct?

Yes, Exactly correct. Can you please provide the required info to run the latest mattermost server on windows.

Are you able to run the windows subsystem for Linux on your server/device?