Windows MSI Installer and Group Policies (GPO) in testing

Mattermost is in development of a new MSI installer and group policies for the Windows desktop app. This effort would not have been possible without the help of our fantastic contributors.

The alpha build of the MSI with GPOs is available on GitHub here and ready for testing. We are looking for help from our community to test and verify this installer. Note this is an alpha test build and not an official production installer.

What’s built?

  1. MSI package and installer
  2. GPO policies for:
    • Default Server List
    • Enabling/Disabling server management by the end user
    • Enabling/Disabling the autoupdater

How do I test it?

Step-by-step docs on installation and setting group policies:

What should I provide feedback on?

  1. Was the MSI successfully deployed in your environment? If not, what went wrong?
  2. Which group policies (if any) are you using in your environment?
  3. Do the supported group policies work as expected in your environment?
  4. What other app settings would you want to control via group policies?

Note: there are known issues being addressed as we move toward a production build, as outlined in this epic: MM-15316

For those interested, you can join the ~MSI Installer channel on our community server for the most recent updates.