MSI installer for windows client

Where can I find a msi file to automate the installation of the windows client? What are the command line arguments for the installer?

Hi @T3rm1,

If you mean the desktop client, the download links are available here

That’s an exe file. MSI files are for automated (silent) installations. That way you can deploy the application with the group policy of windows.
As far as I understand you cannot do a silent install right now.

@T3rm1 Oh, I see. Yeah, we don’t have a silent installer available. There is a version of the app available in just a zip file on the releases page on Github that can be used without installation, but I don’t know if that solves your problem since I’m not very familiar with the Group Policy Editor.

I could see this being very useful for other users with larger deployments though, so if you’d like to make a post for this on our feature idea forum, it can be prioritized accordingly. Please include a link back to this post if you create one. Alternatively, if you’re interested in implementing this, we’d be glad to take a pull request on our Github repo.

Agree ! need MSI files. neither git-hub zip is helpful nor exe files.