[Solved] How to uninstall mattermost properly

I would like to uninstall mattermost 5.1.0 release on ubuntu server 18.04

I used this command:
sudo apt-get purge mattermost
system display “unable to locate package mattermost”

Thanks in advance

Hello, @marceltyty

Before we proceed with the steps to uninstall the Mattermost server, can I please check if you followed the steps in the Installing Mattermost Server previously?

While there isn’t any official documentation on this, I would like to know if we can follow the standard steps to uninstall Ubuntu software by referring to the guide below:

Can you please let me know if the sudo apt-get --purge remove <program> command works after you determine the specific name of the Mattermost program? Thanks.

I followed the steps in the Installing Mattermost server.
when i used :dpkg --list command, i could not see mattermost in the list however it is installed in /opt/ directory
I used the sudo apt-get --purge remove mattermost command on terminal but the message was: unable to locate the package mattermost

Mattermost is no DEB package. You did not install it using apt-get or dpkg, and consequently you cannot uninstall it using those tools.

You have to undo the steps to performed when installing it.

sudo apt-get purge mattermost-desktop

Hy guys,

Even though this topic is old and you must have already found the answer, I think the answer can serve for new queries.

You probably installed mattermost using “snap”, so to remove it follow the steps below:

If mattermost was installed by snap it will be in the list:

sudo snaps list

To remove:

sudo snap remove mattermost-desktop