Can't Log In - Mattermost App

After restarting mattermost - helm deployment can’t connect with Android mattermost app.
Connection with browser is working

App Version 2.2.0
Mattermost Version 7.7.1

Expected behavior
After restarting mattermost Server (there was an longer downtime ~4 day) after starting we can log in with browser into mattermost server, but not with the Android App. First the App sayes “can’t connect to server”. After Logging out an trying to login again something went wrong. Only screen below is coming in the App. Can’t find the reason in logfiles.

Observed behavior
What did you see happen?
Can’t Log In
You can’t Login in to your account yet. At least one login option must be configured. Contact your System Admin for assistance.

What can we do to login again with the Android Apps?

Hi @mqueack ,

this can have multiple reasons, one of them being an issue with IPv6 f.ex. The mobile app prefers IPv6 over IPv4 and unfortunately at the moment there’s no proper fallback mechanism to v4, so if the IPv6 connection is not working, you can see this message.
Another problem might be an invalid certificate chain, unsupported SSL ciphers or a wrongly configured SiteURL (environment variable MM_SERVICESETTINGS_SITEURL).

Hello @agriesser,

some workmate found out, that deleting server connection from App and reconfigure connection is working.

Not sure which issue get fixed with reconfigureing server connection.