Change tutorial content - splash screen

I would like to change the tutorial that appears as a splash screen on the first visit of the user.
That content is in the database or is it in a certain file as html or text.

i’m content marketer, not a programmer.

Hi @skaraliu,

While there’s not a good way to do this right now, there is a ticket accepting pull requests to help with this if there happens to be a developer who would be interested in implementing this

Thank you.
I’m able (capable) to change from the code - html/css/javascript/database (mysql as implemented in my case) as i have some sort of understanding of the web apps, programming languages, etc. But what i don’t really understand is from where that text is taken and rendered at the user’s request. If i could find out, probably i would change that.

As a content marketer with understanding of web apps and some understanding on the web technologies i could help if there are areas of Mattermost where content is needed.
Thank You Again - first off all for this great software.

Thanks Samuel!

Definitely would love your help,

Just curious, in what way were you thinking of changing the tutorial screens?


Mainly explaining to users the specific of the platform. We use it to effective and practically draw / bring clients to chat with our agency/team, on issues @content marketing / development. Somehow we make a use of the new account/team function, as conversion point in the process of getting clients to work with us.

Telling them specific stuff on their first visit is crucial for further activities, collaboration with a content agency.

Stuff like

  • what you get from this place
  • how can we help as agency (we) on this platform (ours / owned)
  • who is who
  • why you are here.

I truly think first time visits on the platform in crucial on the future behavior on it. We’re working with marketing managers, the kinda people always … in a voodoo trance. We where using Mailman lists as group collaboration, and there it was a hell just to let them know that we’ve recived their emails.

For example the invite us to your team…
We as agency somewhere like

So, how can I help?
I’m from Romania, I’m experienced on content marketing / marketing / digital marketing throught content.

Hi @skaraliu,

Since the text updates you’re describing likely need to be team specific, I think it’s easiest to wait until we add the ability to set the intro message for a team.
Once this feature is added, it will be easy for a Team Administrator to enter the information they want team members to see when they first sign up.

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I’v entered the code looking for some hints that will help me to change this.
Out of curiosity, out of necessity.
Yes. It’s hard… for a content marketeer…
Thank You!