Clickup integration?

We’re using Clickup for our ticket management. Anyone aware of a plugin where any status update in Clickup could easily inform a channel in Mattermost of the update? The update would contain:

  • Message from update
  • Date/time of update
  • Link to clickup status

Hi @aagha786 ,

Clickup seems to support outgoing webhooks and Mattermost supports incoming webhooks, so you’d have to create an incoming webhook in your Mattermost instance (Menu → Integrations → Incoming Webhooks) and use that in Clickup then: Webhooks Integration with ClickUp™

Not sure what data they send to the webhook or if they allow you to format it. The mattermost webhook format is explained here: Incoming webhooks (it’s also compatible to Slack, so if they have “Slack” as a formatting option, you can try that).