Decision making tools in Mattermost

Does anything like GitHub - policykit/policykit: Toolkit for building governance in your online community exist for Mattermost?

I asked them about Mattermost here: Mattermost integration · Issue #596 · policykit/policykit · GitHub

Looks like there is some basic Loomio integration Mattermost - Loomio Help

Hi @samuk ,

I wouldn’t call that an integration, it’s just a way of receiving notifications from other systems by setting up an incoming webhook. I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to achieve here - as someone already pointed out on GitHub, there’s a poll plugin that let’s you create polls and everyone in the channel where the poll has been created can vote and after some time, the poll is ended and the votes are counted and displayed.

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The poll function is a bit simplistic for my needs (we don’t use simple majority vote)

I guess I’ll stick with the Loomio functionality.

Alright, unfortunately there is no other plugin available AFAIK.