Default Team Setting

Hello :wave:

We usually turn the Allow anyone to join this team feature on manually for each team that we create. Is there a way to set a default team setting so we don’t have to perform these task manually for each no team creation ?

I could not find any ticket for this feature in your Jira but I’m not used to this interface so I might have missed it sorry :frowning:

Thank you for the awesome work <3

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Hello @keo :wave:

Indeed, Mattermost greatly values your time and we aim to make team management as smooth and efficient as possible.

Your suggestion about having a default team setting is actually a very good idea. It has the potential to streamline the process of team creation and memberships.

As it stands now, we have not yet implemented this feature. But, I believe it would make a valuable addition to our road map. I will make sure your proposal is brought up with our development team.

We appreciate your suggestion and your continued support. Thank you for helping us make Mattermost even better!

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Hello :wave:
I would like to know what is the status of this request, because it’s an interesting feature.
Thank you! :smiley: