Default User Settings Template


Is there a way to create/modify the default user settings ?

We have tons of clients and for each client we created a team to support them, so we can separate them out, have different colours on each team for visual confirmation of the client etc, mostly it works out well.

Although each team we create and the core staff signs up, they always have to edit their email settings from notify on all to notify on mention, same goes for the clients, by now we had to create custom installation/setup documentation to guide our clients.

Not all of them are tech savy, so it would be easier if could change the default template for when users and/or teams are created.
If I had more time to learn Go I would do it myself, ultimately with a select box to select a template when signing up or creating a team.


Hi @ruben-juno, we have a ticket here to add default display settings to the System Console. This would let you set defaults for the server - I think we may add the ability to set it per team in the future.

We didn’t include notifications, but that may make sense to add in future - when you say you tell users to switch notifications from “all” to “mentions”, do you mean desktop notifications or email? I think notification emails are always sent only for mentions.

Just checking to see if there is any update on this feature request?
We would love to be able to do this as well.


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They should definitely make this feature also available for community edition plz!

For now it requires a postgres DB query update:

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