Desktop App in Roaming Profile Environment


We have a network that uses Windows Roaming Profiles with Folder Re-Direction (Desktop, Documents, AppData). When initial profile is setup on Computer A, and the desktop client is installed, when the user logs in on Computer B the installation does not appear on Computer B, and the user is unable to install the client on Computer B.

Steps to reproduce

1.) Create a new user in Active Directory;
2.) Login to Computer A (In this instance Lenovo Desktop Win10Pro), and allow the system to complete the “initial login/profile creation”;
3.) Install, configure, and use mattermost desktop client;
4.) Log off;
5.) Login to Computer B (In this instance an HP All-In-One Win10Pro);
6.) Desktop icon for Mattermost is there but “missing appdata” files;
7.) Attempt re-install of Mattermost, but never completes and hangs;

Expected behavior

A.) AppData files are available and Mattermost is usable.

Observed behavior

I am assuming that Mattermost cannot be installed outside of a Users profile?

Not quite sure but does Mattermost not install in appdata\local?

Anyway, just install Mattermost, copy the startmenu shortcut and the program folder within Appdata and depoly it with a tool that you have to program files. That is what i do.


you can use the MSI installer

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The msi installer is still beta and has problems with notifications

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yep that is the reasons why I switched to msi.

that explains why I not getting them on Desktop what is not bad as it ensures a bit of silence :slight_smile:

so in the end, you have two options, your choice

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Well thank you gmail for throwing this notification in spam …


I did see the mattermost .msi installer, and I’m looking at that, however i think i’m going to start with what @JtheBAB suggested and take it from AppData/Local/Programs/mattermost-desktop/ and just export them to the local computer and then update a desktop icon for the time being.

That is until the notifications issues are resolved with the msi installer.

Thanks all!

I marked @PackElend’s response as the solution because technically it is the correct one.

I wonder why Mattermost is not installed to appdata\roaming. That way it would be synchronized with Roaming profiles.