Desktop App selects wrong channel when clicking on it in the Sidebar

Hi, We’re running Mattermost Teams v5.5.0 and desktop client v4.1.2 with a few on v4.2.0.

Some of our users are seeing an issue where when they switch channels by clicking on a channel in the sidebar, they end up on a different channel than the one they clicked on. Which results in them posting a message to the wrong person or channel if they don’t catch it before sending the message.

I do have the sidebar setting “Group Unread Channels” enabled by default, as one of the common complaints our users had was they couldn’t see easily when they had new messages.

I have noticed that when there are unread messages grouped at the top, clicking on another channel below, sometimes the sidebar scrolls up as the unread channel disappears from the unread list. I’m not sure if this behavior is related.

Has anybody else seen something like this before?

Hi @ChristopherBrand, I can reproduce this and it does explain why users might click the wrong channel. I think this is meant to be expected behaviour (I mean the fact that the sidebar will scroll as the channels move away from the unread list as they are viewed), but I will ask our UX team if the experience here could be improved.

Thanks a bunch @amy.blais. It would be nice if it could be improved. I noticed from the change log for the upcoming 5.6, that there are more options for the sidebar with regards to unread messages. Hopefully that will help my users and keep them posting in the right channel :grinning: