Desktop App: Windows desktop notification causing client to freeze


We have a number of users with desktop clients (Windows 10). A couple of clients hang when desktop notifications show. As a workaround we have had to disable desktop notififcations but it’s not ideal.


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Same here … no idea currently by which thing it is caused since some of our Windows 10 machines haven’t that problem (all full updated)

same problem here too… very annoying…

Hi, thanks for feedback.

Unfortunately I have never seen this problem though, is there something common in the machines? For example, situation, window state, etc.
And I worry about some situations I haven’t tested.

  • The app has been running long time.
  • There are many new messages per unit of time.

Or, does developer tools window (Ctrl+Shift+I) show any logs when receiving new messages? (The message should start with [SERVER_NAME]. Others are ignorable in almost cases)

Having the same issue here. App has not been running for a long time (an hour or so), there don’t need to be many new messages (it froze for me after the first new message), and the log doesn’t show any new messages after it freezes.

One of the machines that has a client freezing is brand new with very little installed on to it. On that Client I can reliably recreate the issue.

The other client displays the problem intermittently.

If there is a certain way to reproduce the problem, I can research that…

When the problem appears, does the whole of a client completely freeze? Or is the window alive but does the inside of window freeze?

Everything inside the window freezes and the window cannot be moved.

I also have the same issue, desktop client freezes with every notification, requiring me to kill the process in task manager.

@yuya-oc I’m able to perform any debuging/troubleshooting/running tools that you think might be helpful in getting more information about the issue.

General info:
Windows 10 Pro 64bit (10.0.15063)
Desktop App 3.7.0

Hi @Darkman @Deukhoofd @Fischmuetze @pete_blake @Fabrice-Deshayes-aka

Can you help with the following questions? That would be really helpful for our investigation:

  1. Can you download one of these test builds? They have some performance improvements, and we’re hoping it would resolve the freezing issues you guys have been experiencing.

Do you still see the issue on the above build?

Note that they haven’t been code-signed, but are “safe” (built by our desktop team)

  1. If 1) doesn’t help, can you turn off desktop notifications from Account Settings > Notifications > Send Desktop Notifications? Once turned off, do you still see the freezing issues?

Many thanks for anyone who tries these two steps. All feedback is appreciated to help fix the issue.

@jasonblais This test build fixes the issue for me. Do you know how long it will be until these improvements will be on stable/release?

Thanks for your work and everyone else’s work on a great project.

Awesome, that’s great news @Darkman! FYI @yuya-oc

If anyone else would like to try, that would be helpful. It was tricky to find the root cause as it wasn’t reproducing for us.

We weren’t planning to release a new version until a little later, but we might do a minor version release (Desktop App v3.7.1) for this bug fix.

Thanks @Darkman, I’m glad to hear that!

@jasonblais To make sure, I want one more tester at least. But probably the test build would work well. If it’s really okay, I think we can backport the fix against to v3.7 branch.

Yeah let’s wait to hear from at least one other person since we couldn’t reliably reproduce.

We have a customer testing it as well, and they said they’ll let us know.

I’m encountering this issue as well. It will occur if a desktop notification appears, regardless of whether the window is focused, minimized, or closed. Upon occurrence, I have to force kill all Mattermost processes using task manager. Process will re-occur upon restart of Mattermost if another notification appears.

I have no tried rebooting or reinstalling, and am not planning to.
Workaround is disabling desktop notifications for each server I use, as there is no global option in the app AFAIK.

System: Windows 10 Enterprise x64 build 14393
Mattermost: 3.7.0

@Darkman @GhostofGoes and others on this thread: we released a new version of the desktop app (3.7.1), which contains a bug fix for the freezing issue you experienced.

You can download the latest version here:

If you still have the same in v3.7.1, let us know.