Desktop notifications timeout on Windows 7 native client

I have a quetion about notification duration time in MatterMost desktop application.
When I set it to: Unlimited, and the app is running under Windows 7, the notification dissapears after few seconds. Under Windows 10 everything works ok. Client version: 4.0.0

Could you help me please?
Best regards

Hey @t0mash

When you say everything works ok on Windows 10, is it that the notification time is unlimited there?

On Windows 7, have the notifications always disappeared after a few seconds, or is this a new issue?

  1. Yes. On Windows 10 notification time is really unlimited.
  2. I a new user. I don’t have any info about older releases.

@t0mash Actually, this issue is already tracked:

It’s an issue with Electron, the underlying software that the desktop app is built on. They have a fix but haven’t released it yet, so we’re waiting for it.

Should hopefully be fixed soon!

Version 4.0.1 still affected. Any news on this?

Hi @t0mash,

As per the above issue the fix has been merged…

That means it work correctly in 4.0.2?

Hi @t0mash,

Yes, the fix will be available in 4.0.2 :slight_smile:

4.1.2 Still unfixed. Why someone tag it as [SOLVED]? It’s definitly not true.

Hi @t0mash! Thank you for letting us know.

I removed the “Solved” tag. Does the issue you are seeing only reproduce on Windows 7?