No desktop notification using native app on Windows 7


I’m using the native app on windows 7 (v 1.3.0). The app is minimized in the small icons at the bottom right of my taskbar. When I receive a message, the small icon changes, but there is no notification showing up on my screen. The desktop notifications are enabled for all activities in my account settings and notifications are set to Always in the mattermost native app settings.

Steps to reproduce

Minimize desktop app on windows 7 and receive a new message.

Expected behavior

A notification should appear to warn you that you received a message

Observed behavior

Icon changes, but there is no notification on the screen.

Thanks for the report @jdlaroche!

Do you also have notifications turned on for Mattermost in Windows Settings? You can check this from Control Panel > System and Security > Action Center, and there should be a category for notifications.

From the notifications category, you should be able to find Mattermost on the provided list and confirm notifications are turned on.

Hey @jdlaroche,

EDIT: After further investigation by our community, it appears a recent update to Windows 7 may have broken the notifications due to a potential issue in Electron, which is the underlying technology used to build the Desktop app.

Wondering if you’ve noticed notifications to not work with other apps that use the technology?

This is the only electron app I have tried on my Windows 7 computer. Sadly, I cannot test other apps on that computer.

I looked at the action center and notifications are enabled so I guess the problem is related to the electron bug. My friend also tried on his computer (windows 7 also) and has the same problem.

Thanks @jdlaroche for the reply!

And thanks for sharing the information. We’ll continue monitoring the issue.There is another package we could consider using for notifications as well if the issues persists.