Discord-style Audio Channels

I’m not sure if the plugin idea would allow for this level of audio communication.

The plugin would have to allow an audio “room” to basically always exist in a given Team channel. Then when users join and leave, they automatically join and leave the audio room.

Ideally, we would also allow a configuration where certain people are muted by default based on permission levels.

Just wanted to have a post dedicated to this use-case. I’d love to move my team to an open source competitor to Discord. Just not sure how viable this is. Thoughts?

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Hello i will post the same thing, do u have a way to do that ?

Mattermost is cool but really missing this

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I agree, I would like to have a place in Mattermost where people can chat in a casual voice like Discord.

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Check out the Mattermost Grumble Plugin : GitHub - mgdelacroix/mattermost-grumble-plugin

Not easy to install, and I still got some problem with it, but it is really nice !

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