How can I make the mattermost-grumble-plugin start working?

I’m looking for a Mattermost plugin that allows creating voice channels similar to Discord. I found this plugin (GitHub - mgdelacroix/mattermost-grumble-plugin), but it seems to be too old and not working. Is there any way to enable it, or is it faster to rewrite it from scratch?

Hello Lukasz,

Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Mattermost peer-to-peer forums!

Regarding your query about the mattermost-grumble-plugin, it’s indeed an older project and will require some updates to keep up with the latest versions of Mattermost.

Before you decide to rewrite it from scratch, I recommend trying to reach out to the original author or the community around the project on GitHub. There might be some ongoing work or patches that could get the plugin up and running again. Maybe send them an invite to our forum here if they need any help! :wink:

If there’s no activity or response, it might be worth considering starting fresh or finding an alternative plugin that meets your needs.

Please feel free to keep us updated on your progress, and of course, don’t hesitate to ask if you have further questions or need additional help.

Best of luck!
~John :medal_military: