Docker vs direct install

HI All,

I am about to attempt my first mattermost install. I have a DigitalOcean droplet that is used to host another site, and plan to host many sites on it. What I’m wondering is whether there is serious advantage to using Docker other than convenience? As I’d like to have many sites running on the droplet eventually, I am interested in keeping it as lean and efficient as possible.

So I am leaning towards installing without docker, but is this something I will regret?


Docker is more for convenience. If you’re not a Docker expert and want things as lean as possible, production installs guides with Linux binaries are the most straight forward solution:

As far as I know, the Docker installation is not intended for production environments and as such (and understandably) it does not have encryption (HTTPS) between the browser and the mattermost server.

So I think you are going in the right direction if you install it without Docker.
best of luck