Trying to install Mattermost on Plesk

I installed the Mattermost extension on Plesk and it’s version 7.1.0. It loaded the Mattermost Panel, but all my domains listed below had messages that “necessary packages were not installed” and there was a button to install them. After that ran and there was a notification that the packages were installed, I refreshed the screen and the domains still had “necessary packages were not installed” messages even though the installer said it did so. My assumption was that the Mattermost Extension wasn’t the latest version of Mattermost. Mattermost is at 7.8.0 I believe. So this Plesk extension would appear to me to not be the most current.

That’s when I decided to investigate the Docker method. When I use the Docker catalog search in the Plesk window, I get a lot of Mattermost image options and I have a limited idea what I should be using. (see screen images below) The problem is, when I go to the Mattermost Docker installation page (Deploy Your Self-Hosted Mattermost Server | Mattermost), it has command line instructions. Well, I’m not using command lines, I’m using Docker which is going to install with images. Searching for “installing Mattermost with Docker containers” is getting me a lot of pages with command line instructions only.

Could someone point me to a reference that would tell me what Mattermost images I need to run to install a self-hosted Mattermost setup for my home business? Do I need to run one to create a database? Do I need to run only the Mattermost Team Edition?