Does Mattermost support the Activitypub protocol?

It would be nice to subscribe some activitypub based Blogs and get there news into a channel.

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Hi Mannshoch, welcome to the Mattermost forums and sorry for the late reply!

I’m afraid there’s no native support for that and I personally have never worked with Activitypub, but if they support outgoing webhooks on certain events, they could be used to notify your Mattermost application about a chang and therefore post news into a channel.

@Mannshoch, ActivityPub Support: Phase 1 RFC - feature - Discourse Meta

Mattermost does neither support activitypub outgoing (for specific channels) nor does it support pulling them in from other sources at the moment.

Feel free to raise your voice on this feature at - if it gets enough votes, it most likely will be realized. I can think of seom interesting applications for both directions, so I’d definitely vote up for that :slight_smile: