Download channels locally

Is it possible to download entire channels to Mattermost Desktop running on Windows 10? I’d like to have several channels saved locally, so I don’t need to rely on the server being up to view my project information.

Hi @chimrichalds, thank you for your question!

Would you like to help share more details about the environment you’re using and the use case for downloading channels?

I am working in Windows 10 with Mattermost version 3.7.0. I’d like to be able to have critical channels and information on my desktop and not relying on a connection to a server.

Unfortunately we don’t have this feature currently, but please feel free to add it and up-vote it on our feature idea forum. The product team relies heavily on the votes in this forum to determine the future of Mattermost. In your request please be specific about how you’d like it to work.

Thanks for helping make Mattermost even better!