Download compressed (.zip) folder on mobile app

Is it possible to download a zipped folder on the mobile app? I can download any other file format I have come accross with no problem but there is no preview option or download option for .zip folders on the mobile app that I can see. I can upload compressed folders without any issue on the app and both upload & download of .zip files work fine in the browser. Thanks for any help!

iOS 13.4.1
MM 1.30.0

as far as i can see i can’t download any archive file. @ahmaddanial is this an iPhone thing?

Hi, @ASmith @marcokundt

I can confirm that I am not able to download .zip on my iOS mobile app. Tapping on the file only shows the preview of the file. For example:

As I could not find any topics related to zip download on mobile, would you be open to raise on in Mattermost Uservoice portal as a suggestion?