During Omnibus installation Certbot verify configuration failed

Hi, i’ve followed the guide for installing Mattermost Omnibus with SSL enabled.

I’m using an newly installed Ionos Cloud Server with Ubuntu 22.04 and ports 20,80 and 443 are open for all incoming requests.
My subdomain like 123.example.com is forwarded with http to the IP address of the cloud server. I have not stored an SSL certificate with Ionos.

During omnibus installation I specified the subdomain. Everything is working fine, but letsencrypt gives the following error message:

The Certificate Authority failed to verify the temporary nginx configuration changes made by Certbot.
Ensure the listed domains point to this nginx server and that it is accessible from the internet.

When I currently access the subdomain, the nginx homepage appears with the message that further configuration is required.

I’ve already tried to find a solution, but I haven’t succeeded yet. Which setting do I have to change and which command can I use to repeat the letsencrypt process?

Many thanks for the help


It would help to know the actual A name It sounds like it’s resolving to an IP that does not have nginx listening on HTTP/HTTPS ports.

Are your instances VMs, or containers? One possibility is changes are tried to write to a config file but need to go into environment variables, but that’s just a guess.

Thank you for the tip, I have adjusted the A name to the correct IP address. Otherwise, the Mattermost omnibus installation went through normally. How can I generate a new SSL certificate with letsencrypt? Thanks alot.

I found it, everything works now. Thank you.