Email notifications for mentions not working

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The email notifications for mentions in channels are not working. Other email notifications work fine.

Steps to reproduce

Version: 3.9.0
Linux Ubuntu
Local mail server
Users have all notification settings made.
Email notifications are enabled on the server

Expected behavior

We have tried mentioning and answering to others. Also signed out more than 5 minutes before testing.

Observed behavior

The email-log on the server shows that no attempts are made to send an email. Other notifications can be seen in the logfile.
Any hint what might be wrong? Are there any more detailed settings to be done to enable mention notifications?

Hi @eike,

Thank you for your feedback,

Could you tell me what your email notification settings are in System Console > Notifications > Email for

  1. Enable Email Notifications:, and
  2. Enable Email Batching: ?

Also, in the same screen in the System Console, what happens when you click on the “Test Connection” button further down the screen?

Let me know :slight_smile:


Hello Lindy,

thank you for your reply.

1: yes
2: no
Test connection works, I get the email.

I digged a bit further and think it is caused by people not being logged out correctly. Only clearing the cache helps it for now.

Any idea when a fix will be available?

3.10 should resolve the issue of users being stuck online, try upgrading and see how it goes.

@prixone unfortunatley 3.10 did not resolve the issue I see with users being stuck online indefinitely. It seems clear that there were two different issues here and only one of them has been resolved (the cache issue).

@gubbins AFAIK from what people reported on your thread after 3.10, the issue for you specifically is now different. With that said, its very possible that for this specific user updating to 3.10 will solve his issues.

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