[SOLVED] Email notifications not working for single user

Email notifications are not working for a single user. The setting is set to immediate but displays an error:

Invalid or missing user in request body

We are on version 4.3.0 and pland to upgrade soon.

We use LDAP for authentication.

Hi @bwicksall,

Thanks for your feedback,

Perhaps this guide will help troubleshoot your issue.

I double checked those settings. Everything seems to be working for the majority of my users. So far only one is not getting email notifications.

Hmmm… really weird @bwicksall,

Could you send in a screenshot of the Account Settings screen for the user who is not receiving email notifications?

Accessible from Main Menu --> Account Settings --> Notifications --> Email

Perhaps it would also be worth checking the user’s ‘Words that trigger mentions’ also accessible from Main Menu --> Account Settings --> Notifications.


Friday I upgraded Mattermost to 4.4.3. This afternoon the user reports she is now getting email notifications. Not sure what was up but the issue is fixed for now.


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Thanks for letting us know @bwicksall! Pleased the issue is resolved!