Error already connected to this server - Unique ID change needed?

We split the server into two separate instances. Now both are working and it is possible to connect to both. But if we use the new mobile v2 app, connection is not possible to both servers.

Steps to reproduce
Copy your Server(we use 7.7.1), start your server with same data on a different domain. Try to connect with mobile app v2. Connection with browser is possible but not with mobile app to both servers.

Expected behavior
We like to connect to both servers. Perhaps there is an unique id for each server.
Where can we change this, to be able to connect to both servers with mobile app v2

Observed behavior

Hi @mqueack and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

You’re right, this is a new development of the mobile v2 app which uses the so-called DiagnosticId for unique identification of a server. If you cloned it, you need to generate a new one which is currently only possible in the database:

DELETE FROM systems WHERE name='DiagnosticId';

After you restarted the server, it will automatically generate a new DiagnosticId then which you can verify by querying the config API endpoint:

# curl -s localhost:8065/api/v4/config/client?format=old | jq -r .DiagnosticId

@agriesser thanks for the quick response.
that’s what I was looking for
Works perfect.