Feature Request: Integration of Kopano-Meet into Mattermost

Hi together,

i am using kopano for groupware and mail issues. They have a
new webmeeting application, called kopano-meet and also there
is a mattermost plugin in kopano.
So it would be very nice to have an kopano-meet plugin in mattermost.

best regards

Hi, @mniehren

Just to make sure that I am referring to the right product. Can I please confirm if you are referring to the Meet here? If the answer is yes, there is a topic open for discussion for a plugin with Mattermost here:

Perhaps you will be able to share your thoughts there as well? fbartles is the Release & QA Manager for Kopano, so he can provide more explanation to this apart from the ones that he has shared in the thread if you have further questions about it.


yes, i am referring to the new Kopano-Meet, not the webmeeting.
The old webmeeting also had an chat and file transfer function, but
i often have problem’s with firewall’s. The new meet does only have
the core video function and Screen-Sharing, but works a lot better
with firewall’s.

So, i thing in combination with mattermost, we have a very good

Sadly, i am myself not able to program such a plugin, but iwill be
ready for testing, if someone did. Also i can provide a test machine,
where mattermost and kopano are installed together, where the
programmer can try.

My idea was, that if i chat with someone in mattermost, i want to do
an click and start a meeting with him.

best regards