Get free license

Install the server, according to the instructions for the production. When using the Command Line Tools(Creating users), the message

[WARN] Unable to find active license

But according to the Command Line Toolson the use of certain commands is allowed without a license commercial . How to get a free license?

Hmm… that sounds like an error, can you share repro steps?

What version of Mattermost, and what command are you running?

Version: 3.5.0
Build Number: 3.5.1
Build Date: Wed Nov 23 19:31:32 UTC 2016
Build Hash: 36f62c9e82350f58c902f64a5d3304872431ad41
Build Enterprise Ready: true
DB Version: 3.5.0

Command -

./platform -create_user -team_name=“name” -email="" -password=“mypassword” -username=“user”

error -
[2016/12/05 06:18:41 MSK] [WARN] Unable to find active license

Hi @danilvoe,

We’re fixing a bug on the WARN message to change it to an INFO message. It does not actually prevent the user from being created so you can ignore the message for now.