Google Calendar Integration Question

I got the google calendar integration working and can query and generate events but what I really want is the daily reminders to pop up in a public channel for everyone on the server to see. Is this possible?

Hi lpnc IT,

Congratulations on setting up the Google Calendar integration and being able to query and generate events. That’s a great start!

Regarding your question about daily reminders displaying in a public channel for everyone to see - Yes, it’s absolutely possible! If you set up a dedicated channel for calendar reminders, you can use the /calendar connect command within that channel. This will ensure that the daily reminders are sent to that specific channel, making them visible to all the server members who have access to it.

However, it’s important to note that currently only the events from the user who set up the integration will be displayed. If you’d like the events from more users or another specific user to appear in the channel, you’ll need to have them set up the integration as well.

But don’t worry, you can still control which events display reminders by adjusting the settings when creating the event.

Do let me know if you need more assistance, always here to help!

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~John :medal_military:

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The slash command I have access to is /gcal, not /calendar. I only call that out in case I’m missing another plugin or setting.
When I run the /gcal connect from any channel, it jumps me down to a direct message with the Google Calendar bot. Then setting the reminders gives me a notice that it is only visible to me, as seen here.

From the sounds of it, I need to have a matching user account for the email address that is used for the calendar connection, so I cleared the one I had done and added a user with the email address tied to the google calendar we’re trying to share. I may have misunderstood, but that was worth having anyway. If I understood correctly, then we should see it work in the morning, as we have an event posted on that calendar tomorrow.
Thanks for the help

We didn’t get a post this morning, instead we got this email

Unfortunately the post wasn’t in the channel and clicking on the link brought up this error.

The user account tied to the calendar has a direct message from google calendar, which is what triggered the email:
This is essentially the same behavior I saw before, so I don’t know what to change to get to the user posting calendar event summaries to the public channel.

Does anyone have any other options to try? We are new getting notifications as emails for upcoming meetings but the links are still dead.