Google Meet status Syncing with MM

Hey Folks,

Our MM is synced with Google Meet, I was wondering if there’s a way that I can sync the google meet status with MM status.


Hey there,

I’m not aware of any tool that could do that, but there are APIs to set the online status for a given user account. Not sure what Google Meets supports in terms of interfaces, but if they support sending a web request as soon as the status changes, you could toggle the status using an API call for your user on your Mattermost instance. If they don’t, you would have to run a small tool which syncs the user status and you would have to specify which tool holds the primary data.
Mattermost’s online status is being set by the clients in use, so if you use the mobile app, the web app or the desktop app, your status will change accordingly (from offline to online, f.ex.) and so I think this status should only reflect your status in Mattermost and not a general presence state. Just because I’m online in Google Meets doesn’t mean I’m also online on Mattermost (I could have stopped the client, f.ex.).

Can you elaborate a bit more on what you’re trying to achieve?