Group by issues in BOARDS?

When trying to set up Boards (using templates or empty board), “Group by” option does not allow to group by Person or multi person. “Select” property can be enabled but not Person.

Steps to reproduce
I’m using Mattermost 7.7.1 and the reported issues occures with boards created with personal tasks or project tasks even empty board.
Then I create at least two tasks add Person, Multi person, Select, Multi select properties and information in those cards properties.

Expected behavior
I would like to be able to sort tasks by Person or Multiperson.

Observed behavior
Even if i create and put information in cards properties such as Person, Multi Person, Select and Multi select, the only “Group By” available choices are only status and Select. See the attached screenshot.

Thanks a lot !!!

Hi @Jeancre ,

I think what you’re looking for has been added with 7.8.1:

Can you try to upgrade to the latest version first and let us know if your problem still persists then?