Set filters in boards for each user / users build their own layout for a shared board

Hello everyone,

we are currently testing Mattermost for teamwork. I create a new board (Project Task) and share this board with Team. Now there are many different tasks on different topics and systems on the board. If a user now sets a filter (I use tags that I created before.), this filter applies to all users - other users can then delete or change the filter. Is there a possibility that only the user who sets the filter can see and change it, so that the filter does not apply to everyone?

My second question:
Is there a way to specify tags and make them visible to everyone so that other users can select them?

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Hi @stayc1 and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

I don’t think that this is possible at the moment and I’m not sure if anything like that is planned, but I’m trying to find out and will get back to you.

For your first question, I have found the best solution for my team is for each one of them to create their own “view” so they can customize the board view the way they want it.

Changes to a card in one view will apply to all other views, so this simply allows everyone to see the board how they want to see it.

Great, that worked perfectly. Thank you very much!

Now we have only one problem.

My developers would like to build a view that only contains the assigned tickets - a table view would be ideal. Unfortunately, only title, status, priority and self-created fields can be selected under Filter. I would like to filter there by assigned tickets to person A. Is this possible?

Many thanks and all the best!

Not at my workstation right now but I believe you have to add a “Select” property to the card and the type of select can be a persons name I think. Once you add the selects to the cards, you can filter by them.

I’ll have a look a little later today to verify, but give that a shot.

It looks like you have to add a property of type “Text” then you can rename the property to whatever you want like “Person” or “Filter person” or whatever. Once you’ve added that property and values to go with it, you can filter by those values. Not as easy as using Assignee and Select types because they utilize user names but it does work.

Edit: having re-read your post on my PC (as opposed to mobile) I realize my answer doesn’t resolve your issue regarding “filter by assigned tickets”. My team doesn’t utilize the board in that way so I’m unsure I can advise. You may have to just duplicate the data into a new Text property for now…