How to connect Sentry 21 to Mattermost?


I set up with success Mattermost integration (incoming webhooks) with Sentry 9.1.2 : Sentry alert notification create a message in Mattermost channel.

Issue: after upgrade to Sentry 21, I don’t understand how to connect Sentry with Mattermost.

I didn’t find answer in these posts:

I found also this article: Sentry Issue Notifications via Mattermost Webhooks - Dan Monaghan
My understanding is that I need this webhook relay (translator) service to connect Sentry > version 9 to Mattermost.

Another approach : if « Mattermost incoming webhooks are Slack-compatible » then it maybe possible to connect Sentry Slack Integration to Mattermost, but I didn’t see where it is possible to change the webhook url :thinking:

Question: how do you connect Sentry to you Mattermost instance?

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You can try to use too for Sentry Issues Alerts.