Integration of azure alerts with mattermost channel

Hi Team,

We have a project requirement where we need all the azure alerts to be sent to our mattermost channel.

Please help us with the integration of azure alerts with mattermost.

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Hello Nikhil,

Please take a look at our incoming webhooks documentation: Incoming webhooks.

Yes sir I saw this document before also. I created the incoming webhook on the mattermost and the output URL I pasted in the azure alerts webhook action group but it’s not working. Do we require zapier to achieve this?

You have to ensure that the format of the webhook is the same as documented. So there needs to be some format wrangling.

I don’t have much knowledge on Azure, but a little research showed that logic apps exist that can be used to create custom logic. There is one such logic app that posts to slack channels: azure-quickstart-templates/demos/alert-to-slack-with-logic-app at master · Azure/azure-quickstart-templates · GitHub

Mattermost is compatible with slack, so I think using this should work for you. Let me know.

Actually I am trying to configure azure alert with mattermost not slack. Can we do it without zapier?

It will really helpful if we can connect and over screen share we can discuss so there will be more clarity.

Actually I am trying to configure azure alert with mattermost not slack.

Yes I understand, that’s why I posted the above and mentioned that Mattermost is compatible with slack. Let me know if that works.

Hi nikhil55,

just trying to follow up here - were you able to solve your issue?