How to mark messages as read when we open channel between users

Hello all,

I have one query that I have integrated API v4 in the web app and creating channels using it now I want - whenever the user opens up the chat window the messages which are unread should be marked as read.

Currently, it is not happening can you guys help me with that.


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Hello, @abhishek7504

Can you provide more context about the query that you are referring to here? What do you mean by integrating it in the web app and creating channels? Any examples / screen shots that you can share?

Also, do you mean that the channel is still showing the number of unread messages indicator even after you have opened the channel?

Does this happen specifically for public / private channel / direct messages or every channels in general?

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Hello @ahmaddanial

Yes you are right even after opening the channel (direct, private) channel it still shows unread msg count, so basically the question is how to make that unread msg count to zero after opening the channel using the api?

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