I can't log in/register

Today I tried for the first time to log on to the server, but when I typed the mail address in the box “I forgot the password” no mail came to my mailbox.
Can someone help me with this?

Have you tried contacting your System Admin about this?

Hello, @Yagashi

On top of @amy.blais’s suggestion to reach out to the System Administrator to understand if it is an issue wit the SMTP server, can you also please check your spam / junk mailbox to see if the password reset email could end up there?

There are times when the email filter causes the password reset email to end up there instead of your inbox. If it is not there, it is recommended for you to seek assistance from your administrator directly. Thanks.

In spam and junk, I did not get an email with a password change. The boss personally sent me an email, but Also did not get an email to the mailbox.

On the same day, 15 minutes after me, another person was also undergoing this process and she got a return email after a while, where I haven’t received any email since yesterday.

Hi, @Yagashi .

Based on the following statement:

I would guess that it might be an issue with the SMTP itself since it works for your colleague. Can you reach out to the Mattermost System Administrator as well as the Mail Server Administrator to trace the logs for any error entries related to your email account? Feel free to get them involved in this topic so we can discuss the issue together.